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Checked tailoring is huge right now. Once considered informal and perhaps a tad rural something to relax in at the weekend the check suit has in recent years been stylized in such a tailored way and with such an urban feel, it's begun to take on quite different connotations.
Noticeable champions of the new check suit include Eddie Redmayne and Justin Timberlake. One interesting sub-trend within the larger trend for checked tailoring is the oversized check suit, popularized by Tom Ford in his autumn/winter 2013 collection (below). Love check? Why not wear it extra BIG for exotic emphasis? Check's innate exoticism has long been recognized by more experimental (usually British) designers like Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. Perhaps the world is just now catching on?. A Suit That Fits' fabric range comprises 52 check fabrics in various colours, tones and patterns.
Our check fabrics include puppytooth, dogtooth, Prince of Wales and Glen plaid patterns. For an example of one of our pre-designed creations (a brown and blue check jacket), click on Get the Look. Otherwise, why not design your own check suit?.
Douglas Booth is currently working the premiere circuit of his latest movie Noah and he's fast proving himself to be one of Britain's most stylish celebrity suit wearers. With each new city he appears in, whether it's Los Angeles, London, Dublin or Edinburgh, he always manages to bring a unique style to the red carpet.
Besides favouring British fashion houses like Burberry and Alexander McQueen, he also seems to have taken a shine to the Prince of Wales check see the evidence below! If you want to style your suit after Booth's example, click on Get the Look for a sample of our light grey, Prince of Wales check fabric. Style it either as a three piece suit or with a double-breasted jacket (or both!) and combine it with a slim fit cut for a Booth-style take on classic British tailoring. Before appearing at the movie's London premiere, Booth showed up at Dublin's Savoy Theatre wearing another check suit, this time a more garish blue and grey affair.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, Booth decided he wasn't just going to wear a double-breasted, check suit, he wanted to make it a three piece: it seems next to impossible to catch this fashionisto in a straight up two piece, single-breasted suit! Click on Get the Look for a blue check fabric sample from A Suit That Fits: style it with a double-breasted jacket and a slim fit cut and wear it with tousled hair a la the impressive Douglas Booth. .
Jim is a gentleman, and a chap. He appreciates the finer things in life, like fine suits, bespoke tailoring (by A Suit That Fits, naturally) pocket squares from Aspinal and contrasting ties.
Jim's current suit of choice - as sported here by the man himself - is a navy Prince of Wales check, with contrasting blue lining and is hot-off the cutting table.
Jim is one of an increasing number of aspiring chaps who have learned that 'going bespoke ' is not only attainable but an easier journey to embark upon than one might think; it's simply a matter of finding a tailor who is right for you.
Jim has found that tailor..
You too can find just such a tailor in Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Exeter, Manchester, Liverpool, Norwich, Brighton, Leeds, Newcastle, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and myriad other locations that A Suit That Fits has set-up shop.
With wedding suit orders overtaking business suit orders by a country mile - whereas 50% of my time is usually spent making business suits - it's certainly more wedding suits that I'm being asked to make at the moment.
4 Clifton Hotel's very own Amy, who looked absolutely amazing in her Alison Jane dress. Whilst the grey 3pc is certainly a wedding staple and I'm sure recognisable to all and sundry in these photos, the scales have certainly tipped in favour of more trad' looking suits of late.
So, what to wear: Well let's start by looking at what my grooms are having made.
Brown in TownWhilst Bristol is the gateway to the South West, it is not only my rural customers who are requesting autumnal colour-ways for their big day.
I've definitely seen an increase in the number of brown suits being commissioned, and this goes hand-in-hand with the increase in vintage weddings and the more trad' style - coffee brown cashmere/wool herringbon has been popular as has brown pin stripe and chalk stripe.
That's not to say I'm not making suits in other cloths; pic-n-pic in blue - very Don Draper, the Mad Men style gathering pace in Bristol now - also Prince of Wales check in grey and even morning suits have become more popular. Wedding Fever
However, the cloth that I'm most excited by is linen. This 3pc beige linen suit was inspired by The Great Gatsby - which although has recently been remade, I've only just seen the original!
I love linen's slightly dishevelled appearance, it's very Brits abroad. And for those who are not accustomed to wearing suits - or consider it an infringement of their human rights - then look no further than linen!
When cut to fit, and tailored to perfection, the silhouette alone is enough to show that one takes the occasion seriously enough to have gone to the trouble of having a suit made, however the lightweight and cooling nature, ney the colour itself, should provide just the right amount of flamboyance, and if necessary, rebellion.
The other benefit if linen is that I have an incredible pallette of colours from bright red, sky blue to pastels galore.
So don't take Bristol's local tailor's word for it, come see for yourself!
Oh, and best of luck on the big day..
Wedding Dress:
Tea party:
This coincidence is nothing more than serendipity - and not something I've given much thought to before now - but it's exactly the sort of foible that Bristol's local tailor appreciates.
Though it's not as often as I'd like that my Welsh customers request POW check there is certainly a hunger for bespoke, well fitting, reasonably priced finery; from 3pc mohair - wedding - to double breasted louge suit - also wedding - 3pc herringbones and tweed for Mr Jones from Penarth - and lounge suits with Porsche Pockets - a term coined by Dr Jones, from Lampeter in reference to the pocket flap which covers the button on the rear pocket of ones trousers to prevent it scratching the leather interior of ones sports car!
As you can see, there's no shortage of demand for Bristol's local tailor to moonlight as Cardiff's local tailor in this sartorially hungry land, I just hope that Cardiff Bay suits, ahem.
I chose the lighterweight POW, by the way. Though blue sky was breaking thru' the cloud, the sky was ominous and the threat of rain and a chilly wind was a very likely one. But stepping off the train here in Cardiff Bay, the sun is shining and I'm carrying my overcoat and enjoying the coolness of my CB-700033-5 mid grey POW, blue fine check shirt and blue woolen tie - to compliment the window pane check in the POW (tie and shirt not shown in picture).
Lechyd da!
Men in Black; Valencia and Hernandez suits: Always slick both footballers look great in well cut slim fitting black suits with notched lapels and finished off with skinny ties.
Ashley Young does the casual smart look pairing jeans with a slim fit jacket and waistcoat. A look that is perfect for hitting the clubs and something that all the ladies love.
Rio looking every bit the stylish playboy. His peaked lapels hint at power with his one button making for longer lines and showing off his slim physic. The black pocket square matched with his black shirt finishes the outfit and tells us that he's a man that means business!
Ryan Giggs looks sharp is this sharkskin slim fit two piece. Again emulating power with his peaked lapels, one button jacket and slanted flapped pockets.
For over 20 years now, Robert Downey Jnr. has been appearing on our screens. Since the days of Weird Science, we have seen him in an astonishing array of roles, from comedy, action and even thrillers. The man has it all in the bag when it comes to acting.
Most of which stem from the movie set, whether it be Sherlock Holmes, or Iron Man. It must be said though that it's not just Robert's characters that dress smart. When appearing at awards ceremonies and social events you can almost bank on him being one of the most dapper gents there. Above is a collage of some great RDJ style choices. We have a Prince of Wales check jacket with contrasting pocket flaps, a chalk stripe with plush velvet contrasting collar and some fantastically sharp looking tuxedo choices. I love the oversize bow-tie to match the extra wide lapels.
Even when dressing casual though Robert Downey Jnr. loves a good suit. It's good to see a man that likes to don a bespoke suit even at the weekend. It shows that he loves tailoring not just for work but because it is beautifully made and perfectly fitting.
I try to maintain a selection of 5 or so shirts to wear during the working week. However, as a result of building works being carried out at No. 73 (no, not the 80's TV show but my new home in Totterdown) I found myself without a washing machine and vis-a-vis the ability to launder my shirts conveniently, and upon demand.
Whilst it took me some time to be convinced of these light weight shirting cloths they really came into their own in this time of need. With hand-washing the only option - which is a much wetter affair than machine washing which offers a spin cycle - I wondered if my shirt would be wearable come the morning. However, given the lightweight nature of these summer plains, they were dry in no time - without the need to hang them near a radiator, which I find renders shirts as stiff as cardboard.
However, my only remaining shirt looks best when worn with my blue flannel suit and did not compliment the suits which I'd yet to wear: a blue pinstripe - which I'd rather hoped would work given the blue cloth and beige shade of the stripe - grey flannel PoW, or my grey two-tone mohair.
The only other alternative was to break-out one of my w'end suits which are both blue suits, but which are both 2pc, and I only ever wear 3pc during the week; my OCD was beginning to spike at this point, but I was also running out of options.
So with only a 2pc mohair lounge suit or a 2pc double breasted cashmere/wool herringbone suit to choose from, the choice was effectively made, given that it's not really the climate for mohair - unless worn as a 3pc - in Bristol at present and I tentatively donned the db...and it felt wonderful!
Though the notion of wearing one of my occasional weekend suits Mon - Fri is an uncomfortable one to say the least, I feel my wardrobe has been liberated in giving my db the chance to shine in front of a wider audience. I also have an increasing number of eccentric and adventurous customers who swear by a db, and I too have begun to feel rather comfortable in this Edwardian cut number.
The maiden voyage also happened to be the the day that I was to meet with Peter Robinson, Publisher of Lansdown Place magazine to fit him for a suit - about which he will be writing of his experience ahead of my taking over the publications style column in the spring - and so, no sooner had I ventured out, but the moment was immortalised with the click of a photographers camera lens!
I hope you like the new style...
This season is all about two key elements - Texture and Heritage. What better way to describe the Prince of Wales Check? Now, I have already given a brief history of this timeless classic in my previous blog Prince of Wales Check back in August, so this time I would like to use this opportunity to tell you all about the fabrics we currently have in stock.
In our heavier range, we have 2 of brown background (TPO83023-3 and DU-157009-3 ) and one of grey (DU-157009-1 ).
These are done in a Tweed fabric, which is immensely popular this season due to the resurgence of the 'Heritage' look. Below is a picture of X-Factor judge Gary Barlow sporting Prince of Wales Check Tweed.
The Prince of Wales Check originated in the 19th century in Glenurquhart Valley, Inverness-shire. It was first used by the Countess of Seafield to outfit her gamekeepers. In fact, its original name is the Glenurquhart Check (Or Glen Check for short).
Repeated in a square lined with four lines of blood. Now, these days, there are many different colour variations on the original, as it has become widely used in fashion. Not only in suiting cloth, but in casual wear and household furnishings.
I will let you in on a little secret - there's actually a slight difference in the patterns between a Glenurquhart check and a Prince of Wales check . The Prince of Wales will have a slightly larger square woven into the fabric, in between the smaller squares of the Glen Check. See if you can spot the difference in these two pictures.
My next suit will most definitely be a Prince of Wales check . In fact, I have already designed it, and am waiting to put it into creation. Click here to see it now.
Prince of Wales Check

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